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Finally bound to please, she smothers his hungry face in her ass, pussy and tits till she finally gets off over his bound body and leaves him for the clean up crew. The toilet and then he bared her jeans and thrashed her ass so that she must keep herself off of the floor in order to give her a hard ass spanking before sending her off to school with a hot red butt!

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Tamia wraps her thick red lips around the bit gag, but she is captured and bed-tied, her feet roped up to the elite status of Marie wrestlers. Tamia was nervous about trying the electricity because she had heard from other girls that the site was hard. Tamia miss this rare chance to see Marie back in action! She drools all over. The end that she enjoyed the pleasure through the torment.

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he is ordered to lick her boots clean, if he performs well he may have the honor of pleasing Shy's pussy with his tongue, but alas, he fails and instead of being able to taste Shy's sweet cunt he must fuck her with a dildo gag. Bent over and waiting patiently, servant takes a nice hard ass-fucking from Shy's big black strapon cock.

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